At Jardine Motors, we know that tyre type is vitally important to the safety and efficiency of Lexus vehicles. We also know that it’s a legal requirement that all tyres must be the correct type and size for the model.

By law, the minimum tyre tread for use on the road is 1.6mm, which must cover three-quarters of the tyre’s width, as well as its complete circumference. We know that this can be hard to check, so why not let our expert advisors advise you on safe tread limits, and appropriate maintenance techniques for your model and driving style? Just give us a call and we can tell you all you need to know.

When the icy snap descends, it’s also important to know about the range of winter tyres and other specialist types readily available for seasonal or unusual driving conditions. Make sure you contact a Jardine Motors specialist, who will know about the most suitable tyre types for your Lexus. We also provide tyre fitting on-site.

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