Lexus Warning Lights | Your Complete Guide

Your Lexus has a number of sensors and systems to ensure it's optimum performance and that its systems are fully operational. From time to time mechanical and electrical components such as the engine, brakes, driver assistance system and emission controls may develop a fault or malfunction; this guide will let you know what each of the warning lights mean and what to do so they can be fixed.

If you’re unsure about what course of action to take, contact your nearest Lexus dealer. They’ll be able to advise and, if necessary, take your Lexus in for repair.

The key Lexus warning lights are either Red or Amber, typically requiring some sort of action to be taken. Informational warning lights are either green or white and typically indicate a system is in use.

  • Red means stop as soon as it’s safe.
  • Amber means that action is required.
  • Green lights are advisory – no action is needed.

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​Red Warning Lights


The battery warning light indicates a malfunction with the vehicles driving system. Please immediately stop the vehicle in a safe place and contact an authorised repairer.

Seat belt

This seat belt warning light will illuminate along with a warning buzzer when the vehicle is in motion and the driver and front passenger seat belts haven't been fastened.

This light may also illuminate when a heavy object is placed on the passenger seat. Remove any objects and place them on the floor to turn off the warning light & buzzer.

If both seat belts are fastened, please consult an authorised Lexus repairer.

Brake System Warning

When a red brake system warning light illuminates, this typically indicates the brake fluid is running low or there is a malfunction with the braking system that could be dangerous or impact the vehicles control.

If this light appears, please immediately stop the vehicle in a safe place and contact an authorised repairer. 

Note: Driving the vehicle with this light may be dangerous.​

Electronic Power Steering System

Indicate an issue with the electronic power steering system (EPS). This may result in the steering feeling heavy making the vehicle hard to steer and control.

If this light illuminates, please get your vehicle inspected by an authorised repairer immediately.

Vehicle Security & Immobiliser System

The vehicle has a built in transponder to prevent the hybrid system starting or operating until a previous registered key is in the vehicle. This light may illuminate if the grip portion of the key is in contact with a metallic object or if the key is touching and/or in close proximity of another key.

If the light doesn't turn off when the vehicle is unlocked and in operation, this may indicate a fault with the vehicles security system. Please contact an authorised Lexus repairer.

Rear Seat belt Warning Lights

Like the driver and passenger seat reminder, this warning light indicates the passengers in the rear haven't fastened their seat belt. Certain vehicles may also have a buzzer warning for the rear seat belts not being fastened.

Connect the seat belt to turn off the warning light and buzzer. If the light doesn't extinguish, please contact an authorised repairer.

SRS Airbag Warning

If this light illuminates while driving, this indicates a malfunction with the SRS airbag or seat belt pretensioner system with may impact the vehicles safety in a crash or collision.

If this light illuminates, please get your vehicle inspected by an authorised Lexus repairer immediately.

Parking Brake Warning

This indicates that parking brake (hand brake) is engaged. Release the parking brake.

If the light is still illuminated, please contact a Lexus authorised repair immediately.

Open Door Warning

Indicating that the door or boot are not properly closed. Please pull over as soon as it's safe to do so and ensure the boot and doors are secure.

If the light doesn't turn off, please get the vehicle checked by an authorised Lexus repairer.


​Amber Warning Lights


The airbag warning lamp illuminates, as a bulb check, when the vehicle's ignition is switched on. The lamp extinguishes after 6 seconds. If the lamp illuminates again, there is a fault with the airbag system. Contact your Lexus dealer as soon as possible.​

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (amber)

The tyre pressure system warning light indicates low tyre inflation pressure in a tyre caused by either natural causes or a flat tyre. Inflate the tyre to the correct pressure (this can be found in the vehicles owners manual) being careful not to over inflate the tyre.

When the light illuminates a solid light after flashing for 1 minute, this indicates an issue with the tyre pressure warning system.

If the light doesn't turn off, please contact an authorised repairer.


The ABS warning lamp illuminates briefly when the vehicle's ignition is switched on. If the lamp remains on, or illuminates while driving, there is a fault with the ABS system or the brake assist system (if fitted). Drive with care, avoiding heavy braking. Contact roadside assistance or a Lexus dealer.​

Brake (Amber)

The amber brake light typically indicates an issue with the regenerative braking system or the electronically controlled braking system.

If this light illuminates, please drive carefully and get the car inspected by a Lexus authorised repairer immediately.

Pre-Collision System Warning

This indicates an issues with the pre-collision system (PCS). It may also indicate that the system is temporarily too cold/hot or that dirt or debris has obstructed the sensors required for the system to activate.

Alternatively, if the Pre-Collision system has been disabled, the light will illuminate. If the system is active and all sensors are clear, please contact an authorised repairer.

Low fuel warning

The low fuel warning lamp illuminates when the fuel level is low, indicating approximately 10 litres of fuel is remaining. The arrow shows which side of the vehicle the fuel filler flap is located.

Please refuel the vehicle at the earliest opportunity.

Master Warning Light

The master warning light will either flash on turn on. This light indicates a message is displayed on the multi-information display. The multi-information display will highlight any malfunction or error message.

If this light doesn't turn off after the error has been corrected or fixed, please contact a Lexus authorised repairer.

Rear fog lights

The rear fog lights indicator lamp remains on when the rear fog lights are switched on.​

Dynamic Stability Control off

The Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) OFF warning lamp illuminates when the system is switched off. The lamp is accompanied by a chime and a confirmation message in the instrument panel.​

Please note, deactivating DSC will impact the control of the vehicle.

Blind Spot Monitoring System

This system has two main functions, to assist the driver when changing lanes and two assist the driver when reversing - both these systems use the same sensors.

This light will constantly illuminate when a sensor has malfunctioned, a sensor is covered with snow or dirt, the outside temperature is extremely high/low, sensor voltage is abnormal or a sensor has been misaligned.

Please make sure the sensors are clear of any dirt or obstruction. If the light is still illuminated, please contact an authorised Lexus repairer.

Lane Departure Warning (LDA)

Illuminated: This indicates a malfunction with the steering control element of the lane departure alert system. A further alert should display on the multi-information display.

Flashing: This indicates the vehicle has deviated from it's lane while the LDA is active and in operation.

If the light in continuously illuminated or flashing, please check all sensors are clean and clear of debris. 

Snow Mode Warning

Snow mode can be simply activated by pressing the 'snow' button on the vehicle control panel. This should be used when driving in surfaces such as a snowy road. This will impact a number of systems such as the traction control and ESP system.

To turn this driving mode off, please simply press the 'snow' button on the drivers panel.

Malfunction Warning

Indicating an issue with the hybrid system, emission control system, electronic engine control and/or electronic throttle control. If this warning light appears on your dashboard, please driving carefully to your nearest Lexus authorised repairer.

Slip Indicator Warning

Indicating a malfunction with the vehicle stability control (VSC), traction control (TRC) or hill-start assist control system.

These lights will also illuminate when the above systems are in operation. If this lights are constantly illuminated, please contact a Lexus authorised repairer immediately.

Green Information Lights

Auto High Beam Assist

The Auto High Beam Assist (AHBA) lamp illuminates when the AHBA feature is active. This will automatically dip your lights to avoid dazzling oncoming traffic.​

Cruise Control

The lamp illuminates when cruise control has be activated. When this light is illuminated, the cruise control system is ready however has not been set - depending on what has been fitted to your vehicle it can either be set as adaptive radar cruise control or set to speed.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

If equipped, this system will maintain a set distance to the vehicle in front, adjusting your vehicles speed to maintain the set distance. This light simply indicates the system is in use.

Please note, the system is not suitable on roads with pedestrians and cyclists, in heavy traffic, windy roads, adverse weather conditions, merging onto motorways or towing a trailer.

Cruise Control Set

This indicated the control cruise is active and has been set to selected speed.​ This can be turned on/off by using the button at the end of an stalk (typically located below the indicator stalks behind the steering wheel). The same stalk can be used to increase/decrease the set speed.

Tail Light Warning

The tail light warning light simply indicates that the tail, licence plate and instrument lights are on.​

Direction indicators

The appropriate direction indicator lamp, left or right, flashes when the direction indicators are operated. If a direction indicator bulb fails, the visual and audible warnings flash and sound at twice the normal rate.​

Park Assist

Park assist is used to assist the driver when parking by monitoring and displaying/sounding if any obstacles are near to the vehicle, measured by the sensors.

This light simply indicates park assist is in operation.​

Lane departure warning

The green lane departure warning lamp illuminates if the feature is enabled and the system is tracking the lanes. If you change lane without indicating, or stray from your lane inadvertently, the symbol will flash red and the steering wheel will vibrate.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Mode

This light indicates that EV Mode has been activated. EV mode can be selected by pressing a button located near to the gear stick/selector. When EV mode has been activated, the vehicle will only use it's electric motors using power supplied by the hybrid battery.

The system can only operate when the battery is at a sufficient level and in the operating window of temperature and speed.​

Ready Mode

This light indicates the vehicle is ready to be started. To do this, check the parking brake is set, the gear stick/selector is in the 'P' position and the brake pedal has been depressed. Then click the start button.

Regenerative Braking

The regenerative braking light indicates kinetic energy is being covered from deacceleration and/or braking. This energy is used to recharge the hybrid battery.

The light will typically illuminate when the accelerator pedal is released while in drive/sport driving mode or when the brake pedal is depressed while driving in Drive/Sport mode.


White Information Warning Lights​

Lane Departure Warning (White)​

This indicates when the vehicle may depart from its lane when driving on motorways. This light appear is normally displayed along with a buzzer warning. ​

Low Outside Temperature Warning

This light will illuminate to indicate the outside temperature has dropped below 3°C which may impact road driving conditions.

Sport Mode

With sport driving mode selected, this will directly impact the hybrid system to provide quick powerful acceleration. This mode will also change the feel of the steering making the vehicle more agile while driving.

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