Maserati Ghibli S

A new class of saloon


Its introduction marks the first time that two four-door saloons are on sale simultaneously. The Ghibli S shares its name with the original 1967 Maserati Ghibli: it also shares its aggressive contours and outstanding performance. The Ghibli S is the saloon car gift that just keeps on giving. This sporty saloon is designed to give drivers the ultimate choice in customisation, to make your Maserati just that bit more exclusive.

The Ghibli S is now available in GranLusso and GranSport trim options. The GranLusso trim option places emphasis on luxury and comfort whereas the GranSport trim option places emphasis on directly engaging dynamics.

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Maserati continues to make strides in technological advances and has built the Ghibli S with next-generation safety advancements to protect all occupants. This saloon comes with seven airbags and a special front-end crumple structure which absorbs impact in the event of a head-on collision. This model also comes with forward-collision warning; a lane-departure warning system; and adaptive cruise control to set and maintain distances with traffic ahead. In addition, the Ghibli S comes equipped with blind-spot alert and rear cross-path detection that with sensors allowing reversing safely out with minimal visibility.


Maserati has garnered a name for itself that brings with it an expectation for innovative technology: the Ghibli S dashboard possesses the new 8.4” Touch Control Plus unit. Command of the onboard technology features at your fingertips. It doesn’t stop there! The Touch Control also connects to apps the internet and more.

With the ZF eight-speed transmission Maserati took steps to ensure the Ghibli S remained fuel efficient. The last two gears, seventh and eighth, have been uniquely calibrated to minimalise fuel consumption and increase comfort on long journeys.


The design of the Maserati Ghibli S certainly grabs attention. Its fierce radiator grille gives this saloon a feline-like prowess, with its eye-catching LED headlights suggesting two cat-like eyes. The Ghibli S gives the impression of a striking sports coupé with its frameless door windows, traditional triple air vents and quad chrome tailpipes. The Ghibli S assures all road users that this is no standard saloon car. Maserati has maximised the appeal of the Ghibli S by providing optional packages: the Sport and the Luxurious; both of which stay true to Maserati’s sophistication and singular take on Italian luxury.


The Ghibli S is a car providing a superior driving experience with perfect-harmony between immense power and unparalleled in-transit comfort. Don’t let its saloon like qualities fool you, this car is fierce: 410hp, resulting in 0-62 mph in just 5.0 seconds and a top speed of 177mph makes this model half a second faster than the Ghibli.

The Ghibli S can also be armed with the optional Skyhook suspension, with shock absorbers providing uninterrupted damping variation making comfort a priority by automatically adapting to the changes in terrain. With its eight-speed ZF transmission and twin turbo V6 engine the Ghibli S handles engine power effortlessly and responds instantaneously to the driver, maximising performance.

Vehicle length4,971 mm
Vehicle width2,100 mm
Vehicle height1,461 mm
Wheelbase2,998 mm
Unladen weight (DIN)2205 kg

Engine / Cylinders 3.0 litre / V6
Max Torque 550Nm
Max Power 410bhp
Top Speed 285km/h
Acceleration 5,0s
Combined cycle 10,4
Urban Cycle 15
CO2 242g/km

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