This year, Lancaster Ferrari and Maserati Colchester will be competing in the Billericay Soapbox Derby! Fasten your seatbelt as our soapbox will go head to head with 23 rival racers all competing for the top step of the podium. All soapbox machines are fuelled by nothing other than gravity and sheer courage. Please help us to fundraise for the Billericay Rotary Club via the link below. The Billericay Rotary Club helps support a number of charities both local and international.

Everybody is invited to come along and wave the Ferrari and Maserati team to victory. Details of the Billericay Soapbox Derby below:

Location: Sun Corner and Queen Elizabeth II Field - Billericay, CM12 9JZ

Time/Date: 6th May 2019. Gates open at 9am and racing starts at 9:45am.

Following the success of the Billericay Soapbox Derby in 2018, pulling in crowds of over 10,000 people across Essex and raising over £32,000, the derby is back in 2019 for the 4th consecutive year. The Billericay Rotary Club is a registered charity and helps support a number of local and international charities including Little Havens Hospice and Aquabox.

The Ferrari and Maserati soapbox will be styled based on the classic Ferrari 246 F1 Car. The chassis will be taken from a quadbike and AdBlue drums will be moulded to create the cigar shaped body style. Chris Mahon, Ferrari Technician, will be piloting the Ferrari/Maserati soapbox with Danielle Zelley, Amelia Keating, Wendy Gamble and Charlotte Beard as show presentation team.


Progress as of 13th February 2019