Maserati Quattroporte features in music video remake

One of the stars of a new music video is the dynamic Maserati Quattroporte. The car appears in a remade film for the track ‘Stolen Car’, being driven by music legend Sting.

The frontman of The Police originally recorded the song in 2003 for the album Sacred Love. The 2015 version of ‘Stolen Car’ is a duet with French artist Myléne Farmer. In keeping with the style of the original music video, a Maserati is used as a recognisable luxury car.

High production values give the music video the feel of an advertisement for the Quattroporte. The car – while not stolen – is featured prominently throughout. There are extensive close-ups of the model’s premium interior, including the wood trim on the steering wheel and the circular instrument dials. Shots of Sting driving the model are framed to accentuate the generous amount of cabin space.

Viewers can also sense the excitement and smoothness of a drive in the Quattroporte through the video. It moves confidently, with visibly quick acceleration and fluid handling.

You can watch the ‘Stolen Car’ music video on YouTube now.

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