Replacement tyres explained

Tyres are one of the most important aspects of a car’s construction, being its only contact with the road surface. Knowing this, there’s nothing more important than ensuring your choice of tyres is not only the most appropriate for your Maserati model, but the optimum choice for conditions on the road too.

Since November 1, 2012, all new tyres have been labelled with a system that shows performance in three key areas: fuel efficiency, wet braking and exterior noise emissions. This new system is designed to resemble the ratings you find on household appliances and enables you to see the performance and safety of your chosen tyres quickly and simply.


You’ll see an effect on fuel economy and CO2 emissions from your Maserati, depending on the type of tyres you choose. In fact, a more economical set of tyres can reduce your fuel consumption by up to 7.5 percent, as well as your carbon footprint. It’s easier than ever to see the efficiency of the tyre you’ve chosen thanks to the new A-to-G grading system.

Wet braking performance

Drivers need to adjust braking distance in wet weather, as it has an adverse effect on the performance of both tyres and brakes, and increase both the time and distance it takes to stop. You could ensure you’re stopping up to 18 metres sooner when travelling at speeds of up to 50mph by fitting your Maserati with a new set of tyres graded A on the new scale.

Exterior noise emissions

The noise levels from each tyre are also graded using the new system with a simple decibel scale to help you identify the most effective way to avoid excessive noise.

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