Winter tyres

Winter tyres are the most durable and robust option for your Maserati’s wheels during winter – not to mention the safest. These tyres are designed specifically for navigating roads in winter, ensuring you’re not at risk from ice and snow. Winter tyres aren’t fazed by low temperatures during wintry weather, and are capable of lasting just as long as a standard set of tyres when a full set is fitted properly.

Enhanced silica and added natural rubber are used to make Maserati winter tyres, preventing the tyres from hardening when temperatures fall. This increases the effectiveness of the tyres when they’re exposed to colder conditions.

At temperatures of seven degrees or lower, winter tyres can help your Maserati to stop 11 metres sooner when you’re travelling at speeds of up to 20mph on icy surfaces. Winter tyres can also reduce your wet braking distances by a car length when you’re travelling at up to 60mph. Each of these distances has been verified by the British Tyre Manufacturers’ Association, confirming that winter tyres have a positive impact on the performance your car in cold weather.

You can find out more about fitting your vehicle with safe winter tyres at your nearest Lancaster Maserati dealership today.

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