On Tuesday 17th November, McLaren Ascot welcomed over 100 guests to the inaugural ‘McLaren Design Night’. The event concept was dreamed up (after far too many espressos) by David Richmond (Divisional Marketing Manager for Jardine Motors Group) and Mark Roberts (Design Operations Manager for McLaren Automotive).

The event provided unprecedented access into the world of McLaren’s highly secretive Design Department with many assets transferred over to the McLaren Ascot showroom directly from the Design Studio at the McLaren Technology Centre. Guests were treated to a full presentation by members of the McLaren Design Team, which provided previously unheard insight as to the way in which McLaren Automotive approaches the task of designing their fantastic range of super-sports cars.

Champagne and canapés were rolling throughout the evening and once the presentations were complete, guests were invited to get their hands dirty trying their hand at the process of clay modelling. Designers were hand sketching McLaren models from the past and present and also were demonstrating the ways that computer aided design is integrated into the overall design process. The use of augmented and virtual reality was also utilised via AR markers and the fantastic Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headsets.

Many thanks to the whole team at McLaren Automotive who helped to make this far-fetched idea for a customer event into a successful reality!

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