McLaren Automotive is expanding production

The McLaren Technology Centre, based in Woking in Surrey, is doubling the number of its production workers. The sports car company sold 1,649 cars during 2014 and is showing no signs of slowing down.

McLaren saw an increase in revenue to £475 million in 2014, a rise of nearly 70 percent on 2013. During that time, the company’s profits tripled to £15 million.

A second shift has now been added to the manufacturing line to meet with the demand because the current single shift has reached maximum output. McLaren aims to produce 4,000 cars a year by 2017.

Although production at the ultra-modern centre, designed by Sir Norman Foster, is increasing, the 4,000 target is a cap that the company is unlikely to want to exceed. It is felt that this figure is sustainable, while still ensuring that the marque retains a strong element of exclusivity.

McLaren’s success is a part of the greater rise in fortunes of the country’s automotive sector. The move ensures that a further boost is added to UK retailers; it is anticipated that roughly half the value of each car will be sourced domestically.

The intake of new staff will see the workforce at McLaren Automotive increase its numbers to 1,750.

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