“One of the first pillars” of McLaren has died aged 75

McLaren enjoy an established reputation in world motorsport, with an impressive track record. One of the people who built the foundations for its current success was Tyler Alexander, who was recruited by Grand Prix driver Bruce McLaren to set up McLaren Racing Limited in 1963.

Alexander, an American, was joined by fellow countryman Teddy Mayer and worked as chief mechanic before becoming chief engineer and finally, a director at McLaren.

Despite Bruce McLaren’s untimely death in a crash in 1970, Alexander stayed with the company until 1983, when he sold his shares in McLaren to Ron Dennis. Dennis, two years earlier, had taken the reins of the team, working with Mayer before assuming sole control. It’s a position he holds to this day.

Dennis said of the American, “Tyler was one of the first pillars of our company. Bruce couldn’t have asked for a sturdier pair of shoulders upon which to help build the team’s reputation.” He added, “Quite simply, Tyler lived and breathed McLaren.”

Alexander joined forces with Mayer again, this time in the States, to run an IndyCar team. Both men later worked with the ill-fated Formula One team, Beatrice between 1985 and 1986. Alexander returned to the world of IndyCar until 1989, at which point he reconnected with McLaren at the behest of Dennis. Alexander was hired as Special Projects Manager and remained with the company until 2009.

Tyler Alexander, a native of Hingham, Massachusetts was born on 2 September, 1940 and passed away on 7 January, 2016.

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