'The Finer Things' returns to McLaren London

On Wednesday 9th December McLaren London played host to the festive running of 'The Finer Things’ lifestyle event, which was held in collaboration with seven of our luxury affinity partners. Representatives from Sunseeker London, Consero Property Development, Starflight, Forte Village Resort and Watches of Switzerland were amongst some of the brands in attendance.

Over 100 guests and clients were warmly greeted by McLaren London staff and invited to peruse the various displays. The Knightsbridge showroom had been tastefully transformed into an elegant wonderland of delights. From fine jewellery and bespoke tailoring to impressively detailed models of luxury yachts and exclusive expansive properties; McLaren London exemplified the essence of Knightsbridge.

Champagne and canapes circulated throughout the evening to guest’s content. Centre stage however remained the new McLaren 570S, revolving silently on the turntable in the middle of the showroom for all to admire. The 570S was received extremely positively with feedback from guests on the night.

‘The Finer Things’ event could not have been the success it was without the support of our great team. By the end of the evening the McLaren 570S had enchanted one of the guests so much, that a deposit for the car was made on the spot! Similar success stories were reported throughout the attending brands, and all received great feedback from their clients. The ‘Finer Things’ event most certainly strengthened current relations between each of our Affinity Partners and paved the way for further exciting collaborative ventures in 2016!