McLaren 600LT Spider

The Longtail evolution


Introducing the latest addition to the LT range: The 600LT Spider. Designed to focus on delivering the best experience possible, the Spider heightens every sense. Actively encouraging you to push further than ever before.

New 600LT Offers


Get closer to the action with the press of a button that seamlessly retracts the ultra-light roof. A function that can impressively be used to speeds up to 25mph. Make use of the partnership with the electric glazed wind deflector opening independently of the roof. Allowing you to adapt to the driving conditions whilst allowing you to hear the growl of the 3.8 litre V8 turbo engine.


From the first drive you will understand that the 600LT Spider has substance as well as beauty. Sharing the same 3.8 litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine as the 600LT Coupe means the power is boosted with an extra 30PS and 20NM or torque.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Active Dynamics give you pin-sharp handing, super-fast Inertia Push gearshifts and responsive braking system will give you a driving experience like never before, providing incredible levels of control even on your fastest drives, no matter the situation.


The 600LT Spider is the fifth McLaren car to earn the title of ‘Longtail’ in tribute to the 1997 GT1 class winner: Le Mans race car. A big honour to bestowed and the Spider’s design lives up to the hype, blending style with practicality. ‘Longtail’ isn’t a name given lightly. This car has been sculpted with a clear purpose, to increase aerodynamic efficiency and channel air for cooling. This increased efficiency in aerodynamics is a revolutionary method to increase downfall and improve stability for fast corners giving you complete control of your drive.

Due to the chassis built with carbon MonoCell, there has been no need to compensate for the fact there’s no fixed roof. This has resulted in a much lighter and more powerful version of the 570S Spider it was based on.

​Technical Specification

Vehicle length 4,604 mm
Vehicle width 2,095 mm
Vehicle height 1,196 mm
Wheelbase 2,670 mm
Unladen weight (DIN) 1,404 kgs (3,095 lbs)
Engine / Cylinders3.8-litre/V8
Engine Capacity3799 cc
Max Torque620 Nm @ 5,500-6,500rpm
Max Power600PS @ 7,500rpm
Top Speed201 mph
Acceleration0-62 mph / 2.9 sec
Combined cycle11.7/100km (24.1mpg)
CO2 (g/km)266 g/km