McLaren Senna GTR

A momentous experience.


The McLaren Senna GTR has all the same spirit as the iconic McLaren Senna, but it’s freed from any road or motorsport restrictions. This ferocious track-only machine has been created to deliver the fastest McLaren lap times outside of Formula 1 TM. An experience this intense is only legal on track.


​McLaren have designed the Senna GTR with an unrivalled track experience in mind, which can be seen in its design, embracing carbon fibre; from the enlarged front splitter and dive planes, to the rear diffuser and integrated rear wing endplates. Together, these signature changes contribute to a stunning aerodynamic performance and downforce.


Every detail is designed with the purest driving experience in mind. The racing steering wheel and Race Driver Display puts the fundamentals exactly where you can see them and at your fingertips. The Anti-Collision Radar System makes up for reduced peripheral vision, caused by race helmets; feeding you vital live information and alerts about the position of other cars around you.

Not only does the technology work to create a pure driving experience, it is also there to help you improve as a driver. The VBOX HD records input from the car’s sensors and video footage from your laps. So, after the drive, you can analyse and perfect your technique.


The McLaren Senna GTR’s 4.0L twin-turbocharged V8 engine generates 825 PS and 800Nm of torque. Place this powerhouse into an ultra-light track machine and get extraordinary results. As well as raw power, this McLaren retains motorsport-derived suspension, which delivers unbelievable handling, with a level of precision and control that’s utterly responsive to your every command.

High-speed stability, grip and driver confidence are raised even higher. This powerful and lightweight innovation from McLaren provides the most extreme and engaging drive, welcome to the ultimate track experience.


“It’s because the Senna GTR gives you so much confidence. Because it responds exactly as you want, at the moment you demand it. Because the downforce glues it harder to the track the faster you go, so it feels ultra-secure in a straight line. It’s a faithful, predictable companion. Terrifying to look at, deeply intimidating as you head out of the pits, wrenched tight into carbon buckets and gripping the little rubberised wheel.”
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