Winter Tyres

To enjoy optimum performance from your McLaren all year round, ensuring the correct tyres are fitted is of huge importance. The experts at McLaren Ascot, are available today to help you source the right winter product for your model, and fit them to the British manufacturer’s uncompromising standard.

As your supercar’s sole point of contact with the road, its tyres play a huge part in how well it performs. This extends beyond continued thrills behind the wheel, as safety is also impacted by tyre choice. When winter arrives and roads become gripped with ice and snow, gaining traction is more of a challenge and stopping distances increase. Standard tyres are designed for warmer weather, and stiffen as the temperatures drop – limiting their effectiveness. With the help of our aftersales team, you can gain tyres designed for colder conditions to ensure maximum grip when you need it the most.

All our products are sourced from reputable providers, with tyres designed to fit your exact model. For help choosing winter tyres for your McLaren and to arrange a fitting, please contact our aftersales team in Ascot for assistance.

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