Mercedes-Benz Electromobility



Your Mercedes-Benz Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) combines a petrol or diesel engine with a powerful electric motor and high voltage battery. You can choose all-electric mode for short local journeys or select hybrid mode for the most efficient use of both engine and electric motor. With lower CO2 emissions, company car users also enjoy lower benefit in kind tax rates.


Keeping the battery of your Mercedes PHEV regularly topped up is essential to enjoy all the advantages of electric power – from lower running costs to zero-emissions all-electric running. And while you can charge using a standard domestic socket, it’s simpler and faster to use a dedicated home charge point.


A home charger is up to three times faster than using a standard domestic socket, making it easy to keep your Plug-in Hybrid’s battery topped up and ready to go. There’s a wide range of home chargers available, but Mercedes-Benz has two recommended suppliers: bp pulse and Pod Point. Your Jardine Motors sales team can help select the right unit for your needs.

Home Charging with BP Pulse

The bp pulse home charger costs £999* including VAT and standard installation, which includes up to 15 metres of cabling from your electricity meter or consumer unit plus a 3-month subscription to the bp pulse public network and 250 miles of free charging.

Home Charging with Pod Point

Pod Point is one of the most popular UK suppliers of home charging points and installation costs £875* including VAT and standard installation, which includes up to 15 metres of cabling from your electricity meter or consumer unit.


There are now over 37,000 public charging points in the UK and that figure is growing every day. As the owner of a Mercedes-Benz Plug-in Hybrid, you’ll enjoy the use of the Mercedes me Charge card and app, giving you access to a host of public charging stations in shopping centres, hotels or at motorway services. The Mercedes me Charge app (and your Mercedes-Benz EQ touchscreen) will show the precise location, charger availability, and price at the selected charging station.

​12 months free Mercedes me Charge Tariff M 

​The Mercedes me Charge card comes with a choice of three charging tariffs. For the first 12 months of ownership, you will have free membership of Tariff M for fixed price charging at thousands of public charge points.

​Tariff L £16.20* per month. Tariff L is designed for frequent users and offers the lowest fixed prices plus discounted charging at the IONITY fast charger network.

Tariff M £0.00 for 12 months, £4.90* thereafter. Tariff M includes fixed prices for charging and a discounted IONITY rate (rates are higher than Tariff L).

Tariff S £0.00 per month: for infrequent users of the public charging network. Includes variable prices for charging plus all the Mercedes me Charge features.

*Prices correct as of 03/23

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