4MATIC. All-Wheel drive.

Driving performance. whatever the conditions.

4MATIC is far more than just a standard 4 wheel drive. This system automatically adjusts to allow you to drive across different types of terrain and road surface.

If any of the four wheels begins to slip, power is automatically sent to the opposite wheel – no matter which wheel. Even if three of the four wheels are affected, the fourth wheel will adjust to support your driving conditions. This truly is driving enjoyment on any road!

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4MATIC is powered by a 7 or 9 speed automatic transmission. This works alongside other features of the car such as ABS (Antilock Braking System), 4-ETS (4-wheel Electronic Traction System) and ESP® (Electronic Stability Program) to precisely manage the demands of each wheel.


When driving in a straight line, all four wheels normally rotate at the same rate. Rounding a corner, however, forces the two outside wheels to travel a longer path than the inside wheels. That means the left and right wheels must be able to rotate at different speeds. 4MATIC continually monitors the speed of each wheel to know when it's turning at the proper speed, or not, in every situation.​


The vehicle remains stable at all times no matter how power is 
distributed across the four wheels. Light and nimble or powerful and 
efficient, 4MATIC is the perfect traveling companion for all seasons.