Mercedes-Benz EQE Design 2021


The EQE actually pays little homage to its E-Class sibling, instead bearing a steeper front end and coupe style silhouette similar to that of the EQS, albeit slightly smaller. It’s wheelbase is 90mm shorter than the EQS, but it has a roomier interior than the E-Class with a higher seating position and a boot capacity of 430 litres. It’s swooping roofline and curvy doors make for a seamless design that increases aerodynamics, helping range. There’s a choice of twin-spoke alloy wheels ranging in size from 19” – 21”, and the blanked-off grille echoes other cars in the EQ range. To top it off, the EQE is the first Mercedes model to be built using 100% recycled steel. The EQE’s interior is almost identical to the EQS, combining lots of high-tech with luxurious upholstery and materials like real wood décor. The multicontour seats come with ten massage programmes and Mercedes has worked hard to reduce noise and vibrations in the cabin, so you can expect a very relaxed and comfortable drive.
Mercedes-Benz EQE Technology 2021


The EQE is armed with an impressive digital roster, with a dual-screen infotainment system as standard comprising a 12.3” driver’s display and 13” touchscreen. And if that’s not enough, you can pay extra for the jaw-dropping MBUX Hyperscreen, which merges three screens into one – a 12.3” display for the driver, another for the passenger and a huge 17.7” touchscreen in the middle. Navigation in the EQE tells you the fastest and most convenient routes including charging stops, and reacts to traffic and changes in your driving style. It’ll also tell you if you can get back home without stopping to charge so you’ll never get caught short. Mercedes me Charge gives you access to over 200,000 public charging points across Europe, and the new Plug & Charge function means the car automatically starts charging as soon as plug it in. You can also choose to charge using renewable energy.
Mercedes-Benz EQE Safety 2021


Similarly to the rest of the EQ range, the latest generation driving systems are available in the EQE, such as Active Lane Keeping and Active Brake Assist, as well as the Driving Assistance Package, to make life easier and driving safer. In the EQE there’s also a new microsleep warning available with Attention Assist, which analyses your eyelid movements using a camera in the driving display.
Mercedes-Benz EQE Features 2021


Mercedes is launching the EQE with the 350 model, which uses a 90kWh battery and single motor at the rear to produce 288bhp and 530Nm of torque, with an all-electric range of up to 410 miles. With a 170kW charging capacity, you can top up the battery from 10% - 80% in as little as 35 minutes. Rear axle steering of up to 10-degrees is optional for increased traction and agility, as well as adaptive air suspension. In the future, you can also expect Mercedes to release a four-wheel drive model and a performance-focused AMG variant.