2017 Mercedes E-Class to take firm in cleaner direction

For years the automotive industry has been taking steps to clean up its cars by reducing the volume of emissions they produce. These steps usually focus on the engine, but Mercedes-Benz is taking the approach further by improving its air conditioning systems too.

The 2017 E-Class will debut a new system which uses a cleaner CO2 refrigerant. The move comes after the European Union banned R134a refrigerants in new cars produced from 2017. The legislation change states that manufacturers must use a cleaner refrigerant than R134a, but Mercedes is the only firm so far to move all the way to CO2. It will be used in both the 2017 E-Class and S-Class released in Europe.

As well as releasing less pollutants, the new air conditioning system will also contribute to improved fuel efficiency. One major challenge faced by the German firm was how to maintain the required pressure within the component. CO2 is notoriously difficult to stream through a traditional system. To overcome the task, Mercedes has redesigned the entire unit and will train all authorised technicians in how to maintain it.

Emissions is a key matter in the industry, and as the need for cleaner cars increases, we can expect Mercedes’ new air conditioning unit to find its way into more models. Take a look at the manufacturer’s entire range at Mercedes-Benz of Chelmsford, Colchester, Ipswich, Lakeside or Southend.

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