Family reunion" in Serengeti Park: Citan meets Citan​​

What do Daimler's smallest van and a zebra have in common?

They are both robust, adaptable, popular and answer to the name "Citan". After Mercedes-Benz sales partner SternPartner GmbH & Co KG in Uelzen had become the sponsor of a zebra foal at the nearby Serengeti Park Hodenhagen and given it the name "Citan", customers were able to climb into Mercedes-Benz vans of the same name and visit the foal. Last Saturday some 100 customers availed of the chance to visit Europe's largest safari park on the edge of the Lüneburg Heath. In addition to test driving the family-friendly Citan Tourer through the expanses of the park, customers were able to examine the model variety of the small van. A special highlight: two Citan models in a zebra stripe look.