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Approved Used Mercedes-Benz Cars For Sale

There are few automotive brands in the world that carry more prestige than the silver star of Mercedes-Benz.

With nearly 150 years of experience to its name, Mercedes is not only one of the pioneers of the automobile industry but also one of the most revered and decorated manufacturers in existence today.

At Jardine Motors, our approved used Mercedes-Benz range features hundreds of options from across the brand’s class-leading catalogue, covering everything from premium hatchbacks through to the very best models in the Mercedes roster.

With finance options available on all our Mercedes-Benz used cars, start your journey towards your dream car via our website or by visiting your nearest Jardine Mercedes dealer.

The History of Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz was responsible for producing the first-ever automobile – the Benz Patent Motor Car – in 1886. The very first version of the now ever-present luxury saloon series, the Mercedes-Benz S Class, was introduced in 1903 in the form of the Simplex.

By 1923, the ‘Silver Arrows’ Mercedes racing team had debuted in Grand Prix motor racing – a sport in which they still enjoy huge success today thanks to the overwhelming dominance of Mercedes-AMG in Formula 1 over the last few years.

Known for their exceptional quality, Mercedes-Benz offer high-end technology and excellent performance across the range, as well as a luxury feel with the design of the interiors.

One of the most prestige car manufacturers in the world, there is no brand quite like Mercedes-Benz when it comes to sophistication and elegance.

Why Buy A Used Mercedes-Benz?

When you buy an approved used Mercedes-Benz, you are getting a vehicle that offers premium quality and exceptional durability in equal measure.

Whether you are looking at buying an entry-level option or one of the brand’s top-end models, Mercedes-Benz designs its cars to last, which naturally lends itself favourably to the second-hand car market.

If you’re looking for a sense of luxury and refinement in your next vehicle, you’d be hard-pressed to find a brand that offers more than Mercedes-Benz.

The high desirability of the brand ensures that approved used Mercedes-Benz cars retain their value well. So, if you’re looking for quality inside and out as well as a car to be proud of, a second-hand Mercedes-Benz makes an awful lot of sense.

Which Approved Used Mercedes-Benz is Right for me?

Mercedes-Benz’ present-day model range is an extensive one. Despite being a luxury car brand, Mercedes-Benz offers entry-level options for the more ‘everyday’ commercial market as well as several high-end, executive options - and just about everything else in between.

Naturally, your search for a used Mercedes-Benz will be driven largely by your needs in a car, but the manufacturer offers fantastic options in virtually every segment in today’s market:

Approved Used Mercedes A-Class: Mercedes-Benz smallest offering gives you a premium hatchback that offers a luxury interior and outstanding technology, as well as impressive performance across the range.

Approved Used Mercedes C-Class: a compact executive saloon, the C-Class offers a typically high-quality interior, excellent efficiency and plenty of onboard tech.

Approved Used Mercedes E-Class: comfort, refinement and tech are all plentiful across the Mercedes-Benz E-Class range. The executive saloon has many technological features as well as excellent performance.

Approved Used Mercedes CLA: a great-looking, great-driving alternative in the A-Class family, the CLA is a highly desirable and refined small car.

Approved Used Mercedes S-Class: the long-standing market leader in its segment, the S-Class couples technical excellence with outstanding accommodation to make the luxury saloon king.

Approved Used Mercedes GLC: a mid-sized SUV that blends premium quality and style with practicality and luxury comfort, the GLC has cemented itself as a top choice in the extremely competitive luxury SUV market.

You’ll find a huge number of further model options in the Jardine Motors approved used Mercedes-Benz range, including the brand’s first all-electric model in the EQC, the seven-seater GLE SUV and the original four-door premium coupe, the CLS.

Can I Get A Mercedes Approved Used Model On Finance?

Just as you’ll find with our new Mercedes-Benz finance offers, most models in our Mercedes-Benz approved used range are available on finance via several accessible finance options.

Every single one of our used Mercedes-Benz cars for sale will be available on either PCP or hire-purchase, which will allow you to break down the cost of your purchase into manageable monthly payments.

If you’d like to know more about a particular finance deal on your chosen used Mercedes-Benz, simply click on the available finance options below the product listing and our finance calculator will offer you a full breakdown of your options and the associated costs.

Why Buy an Approved Used Mercedes-Benz From Jardine Motors?

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Jardine Motors have dealerships at more than 50 locations across the UK. When you come to us for an approved used car, you be assured that you’re buying both a quality vehicle and receiving the best possible service.

Every single model in our second-hand Mercedes-Benz range is approved used, which means that each vehicle you see for sale has gone through stringent presale testing to ensure it's in excellent condition.

Our range is extensive, offering options from a few years old through to nearly new, which means you can drive away in your dream Mercedes-Benz with Jardine Motors.

With outright purchase, finance purchase, part-exchange and reserve options all available via our digital platforms, you can expect the same level of service from us online as you would in one of our dealerships.

Our full Mercedes-Benz aftercare services will ensure that you have everything you need to keep going after your purchase, as well.

Find Out More About Our Approved Used Mercedes-Benz Offers Today

Check out the latest range of approved used Mercedes-Benz cars by browsing the online listings or finding your visit your nearest Jardine Motors dealership today. Click here to book a virtual appointment with one of our team and start the journey to your next Mercedes-Benz.

​Used Mercedes-Benz Models

​Used Mercedes-Benz FAQs

When was Mercedes-Benz founded and what does the logo mean?


Mercedes’ origins can be traced all the way back to 1886 when automotive engineer Karl Benz produced his first internal combustion engine as seen in the Benz Patent-Motorwagen. The first Mercedes automobile was then marketed in 1901 by the Daimler Motor Group.

Another prominent entrepreneur, Emil Jellinek-Mercedes worked for DMG and registered the trademark in 1902. The first Mercedes-Benz branded vehicles were then produced in 1926, following a merger of Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler’s motor companies.

Its iconic ‘three-pointed star’ logo was initially registered as a trademark in 1909. The threepoints were said to symbolise the Daimler Motor Group’s ambitions on the road, by sea and in the air.

What types of vehicles does Mercedes-Benz manufacture?


Mercedes-Benz is a renowned luxury vehicle manufacturer known for its commitment to performance and advanced technology. It caters to various segments of the motoring market including luxury saloons, SUVs, coupés, convertibles, hatchbacks and now electric vehicles.

The brand has also ventured into wider transport including vans, trucks, buses and racing cars. 

What subsidiaries and partnerships does Mercedes-Benz have?


Mercedes-Benz, part of the wider conglomerate Daimler AG, has several subsidiaries and has engaged in various partnerships.

This includes the high-performance and tuning subsidiary AMG, which specialises in custom-made, finely-tuned variants of typical Mercedes models, each fitted with their own plaque to symbolise quality. AMG models are typically characterised by more aggressive styling, higher performance, sharper handling and more carbon fibre body parts.

Another sub-brand is Mercedes Maybach.Revered for its uber-luxurious cars,Maybach produces variants of three Mercedes-Benz vehicles: the S-Class, EQS SUV and the GLS-Class. 

In which countries does Mercedes-Benz have vehicle production facilities?


Aside from its headquarters in Germany, Mercedes-Benz has a distinctly global presence spanning China, Austria, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, Hungary and India.

While this covers most of its major manufacturing sites, it also has various other partnerships and facilities worldwide.  

What is the logic behind Mercedes’ naming system for its car models?


Mercedes-Benz nomenclature typically features a systematic and alphanumeric naming convention for its car models with the logic behind this system providinginformation about each of the vehicle’s characteristics.

Letters such as A, B, C, E or S represent the various classes of vehicles which each caterto a different market segment. For example, the A-Class and B-Class are compact cars, the C-Class is a compact executive car, the E-Class is a midsize executive car, and the S-Class is a full-size executive saloon.

Further to this are variations such as CLS,GLA, GLC, GLE, GLK, GLS, SL, SLC or SLK. These letters indicate a more specific body style or model. For instance, "C" typically refers to a coupé, "E" often designates an executive model, "S" signifies a sedan, and "G" is associated with SUVs.

Elsewhere, numbers followingclass and body style designation usually indicate the car’s engine size or power output. For example, a C300 may have a 3.0-litreengine, while an E350 might have a 3.5-litre engine.

How is Mercedes looking to reduce its environmental impact?


Like many automotive manufacturers, Mercedes-Benz has been actively working to reduce its environmental impact through various initiatives and strategies.

This includes Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Plug-in Hybrids which the company have been investingin heavily as part of its commitment to sustainable mobility. This is typified by its dedicated EV brand the ‘EQ’,which sits at the vanguard of all-electric technology.

In addition to this, the company has set ambitious goals to achieve carbon-neutral production. This involves reducing carbon emissions in manufacturing processes and increasing the use of renewable energy sources in production facilities.