It's much more than words.


MINI is built on Big Love. A spirit of community that's captured hearts and imaginations for more than 60 years. And now, more than ever, it's what drives us forward. Two little words with the power to inspire a world of positive action.

Big Love is an attitude. An open-minded optimism. Appreciating what we have in common. And celebrating all that makes us different.

Big Love is our inspiration to do better. To use our position to help build a brighter future for each other, and our planet. Connecting people. Sharing experiences. Planting tiny seeds today that will one day make a forest. But we're not on this journey alone. Big Love means being part of something bigger than ourselves. And it's open to everyone - no driving licence required. So, will you join us?


We are reaching out to everyone to join us in our Scalextric competition on Saturday 20 August from midday. Compete with your friends as a team or against each other, we don't mind.

There will be some giveaways and some refreshments, so come along to our MINI showroom for an afternoon of fun!