We've cut the price of a MINI MOT.​

Now it’s a snip at £40

Let’s cut to the chase: if your beloved MINI is three years old or more than it’s going to need an annual MOT.

Not only have we cut the MOT price at Lancaster Milton Keynes, our MINI MOT Promise is also implemented by our MINI Approved Technicians and takes care of everything, ensuring your MINI should pass its MOT with flying colours.

The MINI MOT Price includes:

• Pre-MOT check on lights, seatbelts, horn, dashboard warning lights and windscreen & wiper blades - if we find a problem in one of these areas, we'll fix it on the spot if possible before starting the test

  • We will wash and vac your car, so it’s good as new
    If your MINI does fail its MOT, our MINI Approved Technicians can undertake any repair work, using only Genuine MINI Parts - which are covered by a two-year warranty, keeping your car 100% MINI.

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