5 best cars for dogs: A guide for their humans

Hello? Yes, this is dog. Oh, hey human! You want to take me with you on a road trip, you say? Oh boy this is so exciting! It’s the best day ever!

We dogs love to travel with you. That’s why I’m happy to help you humans choose the perfect car for us dogs. And it’s an important issue, because almost a quarter of UK households have a pet dog. And also because we’re way better than cats. Grrr, cats.

So I’ve been sniffing around some of the latest cars to find the best features and models designed with man’s best friend in mind, me! And I’ve put together a cool checklist of things to look for, and brought you five of the best cars for dogs. Oh, I’m so excited!

Dog feature checklist

I’ve asked the other dogs at the park, and these are the things we love our owners to have in a car. Plus there are some safety features you should look out for.


We need as much space as possible to stretch out, lie down and turn round and round on the spot. You humans don’t like being cramped up for long journeys and neither do we. And we have four legs. That’s twice as many as you, so don’t forget our legroom.

Dog grille or guard

This is the safety barrier fitted behind the back seats to keep us dogs in the boot and stop us clambering all over the back seats when we’re excited. Which is all the time! It also prevents us getting a scolding for getting dog hair everywhere. We can’t help it.

A low boot sill

We need this so we can jump in and out of the car easily. Especially those of us with little legs. I’m referring to my Daschund and Chihuahua friends.

Lashings to tie things to

Make sure there are lashings to tie down luggage or pet carriers in the boot. We don’t like it when things fall on us or roll around in the boot with us. Not cool.

Window shades

Boy it’s hot in the car, especially with all this fur! Window shades help us stay cool.

Dog seatbelt

Oh boy, is that a lead? I love leads – they mean walkies! This seatbelt hooks onto my collar or harness like a lead and is then attached to a seatbelt plug. It helps keep us controlled but still comfortable.

Dog car seats

These are strange things that you can buy online, if you must. They’re similar to human car seats and fit little dogs. They need to be used in conjunction with a dog seatbelt or harness, but apparently they make it possible for us to see out of the window. I’m a big dog now, so I don’t need one.

5 of the best cars for dogs

Here are five cars that get the wagging tail of approval from us dogs. So exciting (have I mentioned that before?)

Volkswagen Tiguan

Now this is a great car. It’s a huge SUV with loads of space in the boot – 660 litres! I don’t know what that means, but it sounds like a lot. The boot lip is really low, which makes it easy to jump in.

Even better, the VW Tiguan comes with an optional Pet Package. Oh boy, this is going to be good. It includes a partition grille and a floor liner in the boot to protect from muddy paws. Plus you can get a protective film over the rear bumper to prevent scratches from our claws (sorry!)

You can even connect a GoPro camera to take pictures of your doggy in the boot. And post them on Facebook! We’re so popular online, you wouldn’t believe it! Everyone will love us.

SKODA Superb Estate

This is another great car with a low boot floor as standard. It makes it easy to jump in. And out. And in again. Woohoo this is fun! And there’s so much space in here! Apparently it has 660 litres capacity.

But more importantly, the Superb Estate can come with a dog safety range. I know this is going to be good because it has the word dog in it. It includes a dog guard, protective boot liner, luggage compartment divider and doggy seatbelt adapter.

And we can get a dog backseat hammock! So comfy. It also protects your seats from pet hair and muddy paws. Look into my puppy dog eyes and you’ll forgive me anyway.

Volvo XC90

Now this is a big car. It has seven seats and a big boot, which gets even bigger if you put the third row of seats down. It goes from 451 litres to 1,102 litres. Oh, there’s so much space! I can turn around and around on the spot. I can even chase my tail! Grr, missed it. One day, tail.

The Volvo XC90 also has loads of doggy upgrades, like a boot liner, dog harness and luggage separator. Plus there’s a dog guard to stop us leaping out of the boot as soon as you open it.

Land Rover Discovery

Oh we can go on so many adventures in this car! It will be the best day ever. Every day!

The Land Rover Discovery has a big boot – 280 litres, or 1,124 litres with the third row of seats down. There’s room in here for me, you, the kids, big suitcases. Not the cat. Plus you can add loads of dog upgrades like dog grilles and partitions, and a range of boot liners. 

Honda Civic Tourer

Another great estate. We love estate cars – they are so roomy. Now this is a big boot. It has 624 litres of space. That’s a lot of litres.

Plus the Civic Tourer has clever storage options. Like underfloor storage, so you put things under the floor. I don’t mean to sound selfish but it means we can have all the boot space. So exciting!

And you can get us all the dog upgrades too! There’s a dog guard and boot lip protector.

Well, this has been the best day ever. I hope you like these dog cars! Who’s a good boy? Oh please be me! I’m a good boy!