New Ferrari Roma – La Nuova Dolce Vita

The Ferrari Roma, the new coupé from Italian supercar marque, features timeless and sublimely refined design combined with unparalleled excitement. Its signature Italian styling offers a contemporary take on the carefree, joyous lifestyle that came to characterise the Eternal City in the 1950s and 1960s.

The Ferrari Roma speaks in a modern language coupled with authentic and refined style. The cleanliness and synthesis of its elements, its harmonious proportions and pure and elegant volumes, marry perfectly with the Ferrari mid-front-engined berlinetta tradition of which the 250 GT Berlinetta lusso and 250 GT 2+2 are the most iconic examples, and from which the car takes its inspiration. Virtual or in person appointments available. Contact Us

Type: V8
Total Power: 620hp
Maximum Torque: 760Nm

Maximum Speed: >199mph
0-62mph: 3.4 seconds

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“On the move, preferably on the kind of roads worthy of cars this special, this is a true Ferrari, one that feels impeccably timed to shine a light on the marque’s glorious past just as cars like the SF90 forge into the future. The Roma’s the Ferrari we didn’t know we wanted but, now that it’s here, want it we most certainly do.”


“There’s something seductive about a small(ish) Ferrari with a V8 engine mounted in the front, as opposed to the middle – just as they were in the company’s earliest days. Dynamically, the Roma covers all the bases: as befits the GT remit, it could convey you and a lucky passenger across a continent with charismatic ease, and not disgrace itself should there be a circuit at the other end.
This is a Ferrari where everything has been deliberately dialled down a bit, and made more accessible. But don’t be fooled: something of an assassin still lurks within.”


“Usable and rounded enough to enjoy on any day of the year, and on all sorts of trips and occasions, this is a proper Ferrari GT of a likably simple kind, the likes of which we haven’t seen in a long time.
Here’s hoping that it proves that the people who count still know a really good Ferrari road car when they see one.”


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