How to Get the Most Money for Your Used Car

Appearances matter in sales. When it comes to selling used cars, how they appear on paper and in physical form have a direct impact on sales price. Reassuring the buyer and meeting their requirements is crucial to getting the price that you want.

At Jardine, we understand that selling your old car can seem a bit of a daunting process. That’s why we’ve decided to put together a list of easy, do-it-yourself tips if you’re considering how to get the most money for your used car.

Make your old car look new

Showing prospective buyers that you take pride in maintaining your vehicle is key when it comes to price negotiations:

  • Go a little further than a standard clean by investing a few quid in some shampoo, wax and polish to return that new-car sparkle to both the exterior and interior
  • Alternatively invest in having your car valeted for a professional touch
  • Accessories that have built up wear and tear over many years such as car mats, seat belts, gear knobs, rear-view mirrors and wheel trims can all be replaced at relatively low cost
Jardine Motors Bodyshop

Keep your paperwork in order

A pristine exterior and interior go a long way, but they are not enough to persuade buyers to choose your vehicle over cheaper alternatives. Used car buyers require the peace of mind that they won’t be hit with a huge repair bill a month down the line because the seller neglected to mention an existing fault.

That’s why it is vital to keep a full and organised record.  Not only your V5 log book, but records of every MOT test, service and repair the car has ever had – preferably in chronological order. It not only shows that you’re organised, and therefore are more likely to have taken good care of the vehicle, but also acts as hard evidence to back up key selling points of your vehicle.

This is especially true for older cars, with 60,000+ miles on the clock, where buyers often require stronger assurances on the car’s health. This peace of mind will go a long way in ensuring your car can compete with similar vehicles which may not have the same evidence.

Jardine Motors MOT

Check your electrics and fluid levels

Are there any warning lights showing on your dashboard? If not, great. If so, get them checked. It could be a small issue with the car’s computer or just an indication that you need to top up your fluids, but warning lights are sure to put buyers off.

It is also important to check all of your exterior and interior lights are working. Replacement bulbs are low cost and can be fitted easily. These details help assure the buyer that they are looking at a well looked after vehicle which won’t need much maintenance directly after purchasing.

And don’t forget to fully top up your fluids. Low oil, water, brake or washer fluid levels can suggest neglect or leaks to prospective buyers.

Jardine Motors Oil Change

Ensure your tyres are legal

Buyers will always check that the tyres on your car are legal before deciding to buy, so it pays to check them yourself first.

Not all tyres will wear at the same rate. If it’s just the odd one or two that need replacing, you’d be surprised how cheaply you can obtain a new one, so make a few calls. Again, this way you can use this investment to justify a higher price and to strengthen your position when buyers inevitably try to knock the price down.

Jardine Motors Tyre Tread

Consider selling or arranging a part exchange with a car dealership

If there is a new model that you have your eye on, one of the easiest and best ways to get the most money for your used car is to cut out the middle-men and speak directly to a dealership about part-exchanging. Official dealers may well give you a better price in part-exchange for your vehicle than by selling your car through online buying sites, who often sell on through trade auctions.

The money agreed can then be used as a deposit for your new car and you cut out the hassle of driveway bartering and tyre kicking. If you are interested in getting a valuation for your old car with a Jardine dealership, get in touch via the button below or call us today.

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