Whizz-Kidz meets the Land Speed Record Car BLOODHOUND SSC

On Wednesday 10th June a Jardine Motors Group representative hosted a day out for a team from Whizz-Kidz to see the land speed record car, BLOODHOUND SSC, which is attempting 1000mph.

The visit consisted of two parts. The first part introduced the full size replica car which was accompanied by a technology expert who explained all of the important features that are needed to achieve the land speed record. The second part of the trip included a presentation from Castrol employees on BLOODHOUND SSC aerodynamics.

Our Jardine Motors representative on the day was Gerry Darke, Franchise Manager at the Group’s Honda dealerships in Berkshire. He was delighted to have the opportunity to learn about the project and share the day with the enthusiastic team from Whizz-Kidz.

Talking about his day, Gerry said, “It was a fascinating morning learning about the project and being able to see the vehicle really bought it home. When you consider some of the statistics of the car it seems even more amazing, you begin to realise how much teamwork and commitment has gone into making Bloodhound.”

“Everyone from Whizz Kidz’s really enjoyed the visit and the presentation and we would like to thank Castrol for allowing us to be part of it.”

Castrol who are sponsoring the new world record land speed attempt BLOODHOUND SSC told the group some fascinating information about exactly what the vehicle is capable of. The vehicle’s BHP (135,000) is six times the power of all of the cars on the starting grid of a Formula One race. The BLOODHOUND SSC has an impressive amount of power, it’s three power sources are; a Tornado aircraft jet engine, a rocket, and a Jaguar V8 engine which is a fuel pump for the rocket.

Tom Heron, Whizz-Kidz Corporate Partnerships Assistant was very impressed by the project and felt that the achievements made in the project related with Whizz-Kidz ethos. Tom explains,

“We had such a great morning visiting the Bloodhound SSC project and would like to thank both Castrol and Jardine Motors for the opportunity. The numbers and statistics involved are simply staggering and are a testament to the people and engineering behind it. The idea of overcoming obstacles and challenges is something we love to promote at Whizz-Kidz and being able to bring along and engage with Ambassadors from our charity who shares this ethos is exactly what this project is all about”.

The attempt will take place in the Hakskeen Pan desert in South Africa, which will be 12 miles long and the supersonic BLOODHOUND will take two minutes to complete the run from start to finish. They are expecting the first run to take place later this year, when they are hoping to break the sound barrier (about 767 mph) and then expectations are for it to achieve 1,000mph in 2016. The vehicle will be driven by Andy Green an RAF fighter pilot, who holds the current land speed record set in 1997, with Thrust SSC.

Jardine Motors Group would like to thank Castrol for letting us and Whizz-Kidz be part of the day seeing BLOODHOUND SSC