Porsche Cayenne Coupé


Porsche’s ground-breaking performance SUV has been with us since 2002 and is now in its third generation. Since that first Cayenne redefined what an SUV could be, the market has become increasingly crowded and competitive, with other prestige manufacturers jumping on the bandwagon and exploring new niches. The Cayenne Coupé isn’t the first big SUV coupé…but it’s the first Porsche in this segment and should prove to be a class-leader in dynamics.

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​Buying a crossover coupé-SUV is never a purely rational decision, and if you’re looking for maximum interior space the standard Cayenne wins. However, the Cayenne Coupé still offers ample space for four plus luggage and it’s one of the best-looking examples of its type. So if you’re looking for Porsche performance, SUV versatility and coupé looks, the Cayenne Coupé ticks every box in style.


For its UK launch in May 2019 the Cayenne Coupé is offered with a turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 that develops 335bhp (not to be confused with the Cayenne Coupé Turbo, detailed elsewhere). This will hit the 0-62mph benchmark in an impressive 6.0 seconds (with the Sport Chrono package) and power onwards to a top speed of 150mph. The Cayenne Coupé’s integrated active aero system features a static high-mounted spoiler with a second, actively extending one situated underneath the rear glass.

The drivetrain is all-wheel drive with an eight-speed torque converter automatic. Further options include active anti-roll and rear-wheel steering. Three-chamber adaptive air suspension constantly adjusts the spring rate to suit the driving mode and situation.


Although closely based on the Cayenne, the Coupé has a sportier profile, with a sharper rake to the A pillar and windscreen, a 20mm lower roofline and a coupé-style rear ‘flyline’. Porsche’s designers have cleverly worked in a hint of a 911 profile by giving the Cayenne Coupé a coloured roofline that tapers down, with the dark contrasting colour and material of the roof disguising the four-door proportions. All the Coupé’s panels from the A-pillar back are bespoke.

To optimise headroom the two rear seats are mounted 30mm lower than in the standard Cayenne, while a panoramic glass roof comes as standard. A lightweight sports option package is available; this features a carbon fibre roof to save weight and lower the centre of gravity, plus a new 22-inch wheel design, a Sport Design styling kit, and Porsche’s classic houndstooth fabric inside. 


The Cayenne Coupé’s Porsche Communication Management system is based around a 12.3-inch high-definition touchscreen. Online navigation, mobile phone interface, audio controls and CD/DVD interface are simply and intuitive. To the right and left of the analogue rev counter are two high-resolution display screens that display virtual instruments, maps and other information.

Voice Pilot, Porsche’s voice control, can understand navigation commands such as ‘take me to…’ as well as adjusting the interior temperature if you simply say: ‘I’m too hot’ or ‘I’m too cold.’  Connect Plus includes Apple® CarPlay, a 4G communication module with SIM card reader, wireless internet access and Porsche Connect services. 


Porsche Stability Management includes a hatful of acronyms, including ABS, ASR, ABD, MSR, Trailer Stability Management and an expanded PSM Sport mode. The Brake Assist system detects an imminent collision with cars, pedestrians or cyclists and alerts the driver by means of a visual and audible warning, followed by a brake jolt, if the vehicle approaches cars, pedestrians or cyclists too quickly.

The driver's own braking is then reinforced, down to a complete halt if necessary. If the driver fails to respond, an emergency stop is automatically initiated to avoid a collision or reduce its impact. Adaptive Cruise Control maintains a set distance from the vehicle in front, braking all the way down to a halt if necessary, before resuming the set speed when the road is clear. 

Technical Specification​

Vehicle Length4,931 mm
Vehicle Width1,983 mm
Vehicle Height1,676 mm
Wheelbase2,895 mm
Unladen Weight (DIN)2,030 kg
Engine / Cylinders 3.0 litre/V6
Displacement 2,995 cm³
Max Torque

450 Nm @ 1,340 - 5,300 rpm

Max Power 340 PS @ 5,300 - 6,400 rpm
Top Speed150 mph
Acceleration0-62 mph in 6.0 Secs
Combined Cycle22.2 mpg - 23.9 mpg
CO2215 - 212 g/km

Porsche Cayenne Coupé 360° View