Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

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Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

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Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo


The new Porsche Panamera is undeniably a gear up from its predecessors. With 5 all new engine types to choose from (including a hybrid) and power of up to 550hp, this is a Panamera that is going places. It demonstrates all of the power you expect from Porsche, while still pushing the boundaries on space and luxury. Capable of swallowing two large luggage holdalls and boasting an innovative 4+1 seating plan, its spaciousness and comfort make it a champion of everyday usability. Pair this with its completely unique rear design and innovative safety and entertainment capabilities and it comfortably ticks more boxes than most.

It’s the Porsche of the future – according to Director of Style at Porsche, Michael Mauer, “a step forward into a new segment, that still retains all of those values and attributes that are characteristic of Porsche.” And it isn’t just the brand who are singing its praises, since its debut at the Geneva Car Show, the 2017 Panamera has been widely acclaimed as a real innovator in the super luxury car market.


The Sport Turismo has all the design characteristics of a great sports car. Its strikingly sleek and short body elegantly balances on impressive 21-inch wheels and from the front, it wouldn’t be amiss on a race track. But that’s where the comparison ends. As soon as your gaze slopes past the start of the rear doors and swoops along the elongated window line and distinctive contour, it’s evident that something utterly new and gutsy is happening here.

It’s also the first in the series to feature three rear seats. The two outer seats are individual, with a smaller one in the centre, producing a first-of-its-kind 2+1 configuration. A useful centre storage keeps everything in place, with an optional duo touchscreen to control the media, climate control, seat massage function and even view the satnav. The atmosphere is restful and secure. The Telegraph’s view? ‘The kind of car in which you can cross entire countries without really thinking about it’.​


If the 2012 Panamera was dubbed ‘the sports car of the future’, the 2017 model is on another level entirely. Innovation and engineering technology are apparent everywhere, but two recently developed advances stand out. The first is the digital Porsche Advanced Cockpit, which includes adaptive cruise control, the PID system. And the second is the Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC Sport), an adaptive driving technology that moulds the chassis to your driving style.

The centre console also boasts a 12.3-inch touchscreen revealing the next level of Porsche Communication Management. From here, you can control every element of the car, even the central air vents can be manoeuvered by sliding your finger up and down the screen. The digital theme is carried throughout, with Apple Carplay, Google Earth, Street View and in-car internet built in. It truly is a Porsche of the future.


Porsche’s racing heritage has always influenced its road cars and the Panamera is no different. In recent years, this hasn’t just been a case of safer engineering, but rather safety technology. The most notable advance is the new Porsch InnoDrive. Developed as a ‘virtual co-driver’, the PID is an assistance system like no other, capable of controlling speed, transmission and traffic jam planning for up to two miles ahead.

But for every safety innovation, there is also your standard safety feature. To go with the comprehensive forward, side and knee airbags in front, there are also two extra at window level in the rear. Other features include LED headlights, blind spot monitors, automatic parking and a night-view mode with an infrared camera able to detect pedestrians. And of course, as with all Porsches, a three-year/ unlimited mileage warranty comes as standard.

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