2017 Porsche Panamera Unveiled

Last month, Porsche celebrated the world premiere of the new Panamera at a special event in Berlin. We take a look at what to expect from the 2017 Panamera.

Just like the original Porsche Panamera, the second generation version combines two contrasting characteristics – the performance of a sports car and the comfort of a luxury saloon. But the end result this time is a heavily re-developed Panamera, with a new design language, new engine variants and new in-car technology.

New Panamera Design

The design language of the new Panamera resembles the Porsche 911 with its even more dynamic flyline and specific design elements of the sports car icon.

On the design of the new Panamera, Michael Mauer Head of Style at Porsche AG said: “An observer will immediately recognise the coupé-like roof line, but now it is much ‘faster’, even more dynamic and now includes a new side window look that emphasises the coupé-like side view even more.”

New Panamera Twin-Turbo Engine Variants

Porsche have managed to create a new Panamera model that is both more powerful and more efficient. The Panamera will launch on the market in November this year with three different twin-turbo engines – all with four-wheel drive.

The most powerful variant will be the Panamera Turbo with 550 hp and CO2 emissions of 214 – 212 g/km. The Panamera 4S will generate 440 hp and CO2 emissions of between 186 – 184 g/km and the Panamera 4S Diesel will be the most fuel efficient variant with CO2 emissions of 178 – 176 g/km and a power output of 422 hp.

In addition to new engine variants, Porsche have made further enhancements to the overall driving experience with new three-chamber air suspension and rear axle steering. The new Panamera will also feature new assistance systems to make the new model even more comfortable and safe to drive.

New Porsche Connect Infotainment Package

In the new Panamera, Porsche is introducing a new infotainment package called Porsche Connect, together with the next generation of the Porsche Communication Management (PCM).

The cockpit’s smartphone-like user interface and configurable LED screens comprises intuitive functionality. In addition, the new Porsche Communication Management offers an entirely new range of connectivity by its intelligent digital functions and online services.

Porsche Connect will be included in all editions of the new Panamera. It extends existing vehicle functions by adding digital services and apps, such as those used for remote control of certain vehicle functions by smartphone.

Production of the new Porsche Panamera will take place entirely at Porsche’s Leipzig site and is available to order now. Contact your nearest Jardine Motors Porsche dealership for more information.