A 911 GT3 exhaust delivers sweet music

The sound that emanates from a Porsche GT3’s twin exhausts is quite unmistakable to the trained ear. Certainly, the emphatic roar is enough to make anybody perk up and take notice.

But what if the strains of, say, Mozart, the Beatles, Justin Bieber or Nicki Minaj were to be heard flowing from those tell-tale tailpipes? It isn’t as strange a notion as you might think, thanks to Porsche Design.

A genuine rear silencer and twin-exhaust have been repurposed as a premium Bluetooth® soundbar, and its three-millimetre jack enables you to plug in your music player of choice.

The sports car-orientated speaker offers 2.1 virtual surround and features an integrated subwoofer that enhances the bass. Instead of the typical roar of a 911 GT3, this piece of kit has a total output power rated at 200W. Digital coaxial, digital optical and analogue inputs are included, while wireless streaming is possible thanks to Bluetooth®.

This somewhat unusual speaker is sure to be desired as much by audiophiles as it is by sports car enthusiasts and will set prospective buyers back in the region of £2,200.

The Porsche 911 Soundbar is available to order now direct from Porsche Design and should be landing in homes sometime in March.

If you would like to hear the original 911 sound, you can test drive the car at any of our showrooms located in East London, Cambridge and Ipswich.