Long Service - Torque Back Q&A

Name: Mark Feary

Job Title:Technician

Dealership:Porsche Cambridge

Length of service: 25 years

What do you remember as being the first important thing you learned about your role?

To treat your work colleagues with respect, or you would be sorry!

What advice would you give to someone just starting their career in the automotive industry?

Study electrics, be good with your hands and have a good memory.

Other than your current job (of course!) – what would your dream job be?


What is your dream car and have you ever driven it?

Shelby AC Cobra, but unfortunately I’ve never had the chance to drive one.

What has been your proudest moment (could be at work or at home!)

My children being born and getting married to my lovely wife.

Favourite hobby or sport? Why do you love it?

Fishing because it’s relaxing after a stressful week/month.

Tea or Coffee?

Coffee black no sugar

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