Porsche Boxster 2016 facelift revealed

The mid-generation updates for the Porsche Boxster have been spied, with a four-cylinder engine expected to feature for the first time.

Expected to hit the roads in 2016, the Boxster will receive some exterior refreshes along with the downsized engine that will take over from the flat-six.

Although still in speculation mode, industry experts believe that forced induction will be added, which will act to increase the power output in an efficient way. A Porsche spokesman has also hinted at the possibility of turbocharging, which would mean power-upsizing despite engine downsizing.

It’s expected to have at least 250bhp while the S model might have up to 300bhp and the GTS 350bhp. The exterior tweaks will involve the bumper as well as intake designs. Meanwhile, inside the cabin drivers will be able to take advantage of the latest Porsche touchscreen infotainment system.

Find out more about the updated Porsche Boxster by contacting your nearest Porsche Centre showroom today. We will be able to give you anymore updates about the car and you can register your interest for a test drive when it arrives.

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