Jardine Tyre Price Match

Know the tyre you want.
We’ll match the price you get.

Our prices are so good, we promise to match any quote for fitted tyres *

It couldn’t be simpler…

Know the tyre you want

The Price Match applies to any tyre brand, model, pattern, speed or manufacturer rating or load index. Just show us a written quote within 5 days of receipt. Prices in this quote must include total cost of the tyres, fitting, balancing, disposal of old tyres and VAT.

We match the price

Based on the written quote you shared with us, we match it like-for-like with brand new fully guaranteed tyres . No fuss and no quibbles. That’s the Jardine Tyre Price Match.

We fit the tyres

Once you’re happy with our tyre price match, we fit your brand new tyres. Just give us a call to arrange a time. Your price will be no more than the written quote you showed us, with the advantage of our expert tyre fitting service, fully aligned to manufacturer specific guidelines and totally guaranteed .

And away you go…

You’ve got the reassurance of knowing you got the very best price for your car’s brand new tyres, fully fitted, tested and guaranteed by Jardine Motors. Because that’s how we roll.

*Based upon a written quote from any competitor within a 20-mile radius of your local Jardine Motors Group retailer.