The richest people on earth don’t belong to an exclusive club, they are all around you. Their wealth can’t be measured in numbers.

The Alternative Rich List is all about celebrating people in the UK who embody these inner riches. The kind of people who are perfectly described by Škoda’s guiding philosophy “Driven by something different”.

We are celebrating those who champion equality and exemplify the most uplifting side of humanity.

The criteria:

  • Creative & Fearless
  • Free-spirited & Adventurous
  • Fulfilled & Content
  • Altruistic & Compassionate
  • Enduring & Persevering

Some of the winners:

  • Helen Sharman CMG OBE – Astronaut
  • Yasin El Ashrafi – Prince’s Trust mentor of the year
  • Jade Statt – Street vet
  • Martin Lewis – Money saving expert