Britain’s happiest drivers likely to drive a ŠKODA

Research by has revealed that the happiest drivers in Britain are most likely to drive a ŠKODA.

The survey took in data from more than 650,000 motorists and identified which car models drivers are happiest with as well as who the drivers are and where they come from.

It emerged that if you are called Daniel or Wendy and live in Dumfries and Galloway then you are likely to be among the happiest drivers on the road. It will also help if you drive a teal blue or yellow car. Purple and brown cars are apparently the least satisfying to own.

ŠKODA also took the car reviewer website’s award for the best overall manufacturer for the second year running as well as the best diesel award.

The ŠKODA Yeti picked up the best medium car award, the ŠKODA Roomster was crowned the best mini MPV and the best large car prize went to the ŠKODA Superb.

Editor-in-chief of, Sue Baker, said: “In many ways these are the most honest of any car awards, as they’re judged by the general public. They’re based on the real life experiences of car owners who’ve lived with the vehicles, experienced their good and bad points and are in a far better place to make a judgement than a road tester.”

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