SKODA SmartLink Application


SmartLink is the clever technology that enables a connection between your car and your smartphone, by mirroring your phone's display onto the internal screen. Different smartphone devices utilise different areas of SmartLink technology which consists of Mirror Link, Apple Car Play and Android Auto. So whether you want to listen to your favourite song or recieve step-by-step directions, you can do it all whilst not reaching for your phone - and staying safe in the process.*

SKODA Infotainment Systems

Infotainment Systems

With each ŠKODA model, you can take your pick of several infotainment systems up to a size of 9.2”. They all work quickly and offer numerous functions and interfaces. Each system offers a wide range of features from DVD players, to Wi-Fi hotspots, to gesture control to 3D navigation. 


SKODA Connect App


Say goodbye to everyday worries. Information on free parking places, smartphone-activated auxiliary heating, and traffic jam news – connect your car to the outside world and enjoy every day to the full with ŠKODA Connect online services.


SKODA Trailer Assist

Trailer Assist

With trailer assist, you have a helping hand when  reversing slowly and maneuvering.


Blind Spot Detection

This piece of technology will keep an eye on your blind spot to help you keep safe when changing lanes. How? When the system detects a car in your blind spot on the rear, the blind spot icon will illuminate in the wing mirror. If you activate your indicator whilst a car has been detected, the LED symbol will flash to warn you.

Lane Assist

Lane Assist ensures that you are keeping your vehicle in lane. If your car drives too closely to either side of the lines, your steering wheel will adjust your positioning and will alert you with a visual warning to help keep you safe.​


SKODA Traffic Sign Recognition for speed limits

Traffic Sign Recognition

It can be easy to miss speed limit signs and various other traffic signs when you are driving. The traffic sign recognition system will help by scanning 50 meters ahead of your ŠKODA, and reading the traffic signs back to your infotainment system (specific infotainment systems apply).


Park Assist

The system Park Assist 3.0, activated by the driver, semi-automatically guides the car backwards into parallel parking spaces as well as forwards and backwards into transverse parking spaces. Equally, it assists with semi-automatic manoeuvring out of parallel parking spaces.

If you would like to find out more about the wide range of technology available, contact a member of the team. To find out more about our model range and features click the new car button below.


*Vehicle restrictions may apply. Phone restrictions apply for all applications. Some technology will not come as standard, and will be a payable optional extra by the customer. Ask a member of the team at Lancaster ŠKODA ​Milton Keynes for more information.