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Great tyres make a high-performance car exceptional, and our ŠKODA-manufactured tyres ensure that your drive is as safe as it is speedy. Maintaining the correct tyre type and size for the purpose of your model is a legal requirement, and will help to maximise the driving experience for you and your passengers.

Our manufacturer-trained team members can help ensure your tyres are a perfect fit. UK law lists the minimum tyre tread for road use at 1.6mm, which must be across three-quarters of the tyre’s width and spanning the entire circumference. Although monitoring this is your responsibility, we are able to check the tread levels when you visit us.

We offer a selection of general, specialist and winter tyres, so for seasonal or difficult road conditions, we can provide the tyre best suited to your requirements. If you are unsure about tyres for your ŠKODA, please do not hesitate to contact us, and, if you visit us with your ŠKODA, our technicians can fit your new tyres on-site.