Replacement tyres explained

Choosing the right tyres for your own unique driving style is of the utmost importance when considering a new car. ŠKODA’s reputation for quality extends to its tyres, which enhance performance whilst maintaining rigid safety standards.
November 2012 saw the introduction of a fresh, concise labelling system for all new tyres, showing performance in three key areas: fuel efficiency, wet braking and exterior noise emissions. Because the rating system is now simpler, you can profit from an effective overview when selecting new tyres.


Tyres have as much impact on fuel economy and carbon emissions as methods of driving, and even your engine’s efficiency, so choosing the right tyres can save you money whilst reducing your carbon footprint. The most suitable tyres for your ŠKODA can be assessed with the new A-to-G rating system, or you can contact our skilled team for expert advice.

Wet braking performance

All drivers have to monitor braking in wet conditions. While wetter road surfaces can lessen the performance of your brakes and tyres, the use of a set of A-grade tyres can reduce your braking distance by up to 18 metres from 50mph, allowing you to maintain a high safety standard in spite of the conditions.

Exterior noise emissions

The noise level for each tyre is listed in decibels. At Jardine Motors, we understand how distracting outside noise can get, so we’ll help you to select the quietest tyres to ensure that your driving experience is maximised without compromising your model’s performance.
Whether you require general, specialist or winter tyres, at Jardine ŠKODA, our team members will enable you to choose the best, and most affordable, tyres for your ŠKODA. If you would like to learn more, or to browse new tyres from our range, please get in touch.