A strong month for the smart car range

According to recently released figures, the smart fortwo and forfour together achieved impressive global sales of around 10,000 units during the month of September 2015.

The achievement is part of a strong month for the Mercedes-Benz parent group Daimler as a whole. The number of smart vehicles sold for the month represents a 51.4 percent increase over September sales in 2014. A total of 10,250 models were registered during the period.

In Europe, new car sales for the forfour and fortwo more than doubled – and the UK is one of the growing markets for the manufacturer. Drivers in Italy and Germany have also contributed to the recent successes of the brand.

The popularity of smart cars is largely due to their compact shapes and versatility. Both the fortwo and forfour have distinctive designs and are notoriously simple to park in tight spaces. Further smart advances, such as hybrid engine technology and smaller-scale safety measures, continue to make the two models extremely attractive choices.

The smart fortwo also launched in the USA during September, having gone on sale in China for the first time a month previously. These recent releases are sure to lead to further spikes in the fortwo’s popularity before the end of the year.

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