Smart finds a unique way to tell the story of its fortwo

As its name suggests the smart fortwo is the perfect companion for motorists that travel in pairs. The city car experts have found an original way to promote this fact on Instagram.

The manufacturer worked alongside creative agency Razorfish to create two Instagram accounts: @fortwo_jake and @fortwo_jill. They each tell one side of a story, meaning both accounts need to be opened side-by-side on a smartphone so that users can scroll through to view the full story. Photos can also be opened at a tap to reveal more about the model.

"The smart fortwo is the perfect size for two people, just like this Instagram experience," commented Mark Aikman, smart designer Mercedes-Benz general manager of marketing services. "Through interactive storytelling, Instagram users must come together to experience the story of the fortwo by using a familiar platform in an unexpected way.”

The campaign is just one example of smart’s innovative philosophy. One look at the fortwo or its larger forfour sibling prove that the carmaker likes to do things differently. A head-turning two-tone paint finish, curvaceous body and striking front fascia make both cars stand-out examples in their class.

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