Replacement tyres explained

smart tyres combine firm safety standards with smooth, effortless performance, whatever your driving style. When you do require replacement tyres, however, Jardine Motors has a selection constructed exclusively by the manufacturer.

The implementation of a new labelling system for tyres, from November 2012, enables you to gain an efficient overview of the performance of prospective new tyres. Performance in three key areas is recorded: fuel efficiency, wet braking and exterior noise emissions.


Fitting the right kind of high performance tyres is one of the best methods of increasing the efficiency of your new smart car. You can use the new A-to-G rating system to assess our range of tyres, or alternatively our manufacturer-trained technicians can find, and fit, the tyres most suited to your car.

Wet braking performance

Braking performance, particularly in wet conditions, is highly dependent on the proficiency of your tyres. Though wet surfaces lessen the performance of your brakes and tyres, an A-grade tyre set enables a reduction of up to 18 metres, from 50mph, in your stopping distance. This means that new tyres can significantly increase your safety on the road.

Exterior noise emissions

At Jardine Motors, we can help you to select the quietest tyres, so that each drive is as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. Noise level for tyres is listed in decibels on the A-to-G rating system, so you can assess the noise of each tyre set in relation to its other performance attributes.

The Jardine smart team is always happy to help you to choose the best and most affordable tyres for your vehicle. Whether you require general, specialist or winter tyres, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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