How long does a Hybrid battery last?

​Our hybrid battery is not like a standard car battery, but a much more sophisticated component engineered to last the entire lifetime of your car. Unlike a pure electric ‘plug-in’ vehicle that needs to have its battery recharged after a long journey, a hybrid battery continually recharges itself when your car is in motion. It does this by regenerating energy through the car wheels turning; and even when you use your brakes. 

All of our Toyota vehicles come with a five-year manufacturer warranty, which covers the battery too.

Do I need to charge my Toyota Hybrid? 

​The best thing about a hybrid vehicle is that you do not need to charge it, as it charges “on the move” meaning you aren’t restricted by range and will never be out of power. A Toyota hybrid vehicle is electrically self-sufficient and switches automatically between its electric and petrol powered engines as and when it needs to depending on your driving style.

Will a Hybrid save me money?

​Many people believe that buying and running a hybrid vehicle are more expensive that a normal vehicle. Fuel savings offer the main savings in running a hybrid, especially in town, as often it drives only on its electric powered engine, using electricity it self-generates in motion. So no fuel is used. They also have an improved resale value and Low cost of maintenance and less wear and tear than conventional cars

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