The fourth-generation Toyota Prius has been named as the Best Eco Car at the 2016 Telegraph Car Awards, with the hydrogen fuel cell Toyota Mirai saloon close behind in the same category, taking a runners-up position.

Toyota taking two top spots highlights the quality and scale of the Japanese brand’s environmental motoring technology, constantly progressing and making new breakthroughs all the time. The current Prius, for example, launched earlier in 2016, shows greatly improved fuel and emissions efficiency in addition to significantly enhanced dynamic performance.

Speaking of Toyota’s triumph, the Telegraph’s expert road test team said: ‘Despite still feeling very much like a Prius, this model shows how Toyota has moved the game on enough for it to scoop the top honour ahead of some high-profile rivals. The latest Prius is more efficient and surprisingly entertaining to drive.’

Taking another podium spot, the Mirai is the future of automotive technology, only introduced into the UK in late 2015. As the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell saloon, it emits just water from its powertrain, meaning that no harmful substances are produced when it’s driven.

Toyota GB President and Managing Director, Paul Van der Burgh, said: ‘Receiving the Telegraph Award is a wonderful achievement for Prius, and the recognition for Mirai demonstrates the real progress we are making towards our goal of creating the ultimate eco-car. We believe that the success we have achieved with Prius and hybrids over the past two decades can provide the foundation for Mirai and future hydrogen-fuelled vehicles to provide sustainable mobility solutions for the future.’

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