The anticipation of the eighth-generation Toyota Hilux, due for UK delivery in July, is at an all-time high. To celebrate Toyota’s second best-selling global model, the brand decided a test drive for the press was in order. This wouldn’t be just any test drive though; the group would be taken on the journey of a lifetime across beaches, sand dunes, deserts and mountains in Namibia.

Starting at Swakopmund on the Atlantic Coast, an impressive Hilux line-up awaited underneath a picture perfect sunset. It was straight to the dunes for the company, where tyre pressure was lowered for better traction and on to the inclines they went. The Hilux cast an impressive silhouette, effortlessly climbing the steep dunes, and unexpected entertainment came in the form of a guest appearance by the Dakar Hilux, which recently achieved podium finishes at the 2016 Dakar Rally.

The dunes gave way to the arid Namib Desert, each Hilux set to permanent four-wheel drive to tackle the loose gravel and dirt roads with ease. Off-roading around the Namibgrens the next day proved to be the most challenging drive, with steep, sharp rocky hills and thorn bushes at every turn, though the Hilux was more than up to the challenge. The only casualty was a punctured tire on the sharp rocks, quickly fixed with the help of an inflatable jack.

Continuing on through the much greener Tropic of Capricorn and the capital city of Windhoek, the group finally came to the lodge at the end of their journey. Their tents provided a unique opportunity to listen to the multitude of wildlife visiting the nearby watering hole. Looking back over the journey, it was clear that the Hilux proved itself many times over, and it was easy to see why this car is such a big seller.

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