Wherever we go in the world, wherever we walk, we encounter street musicians – their characterful, vibrant displays inject happiness into everyday situations and it’s most certainly music to our ears. That’s why Toyota created Feeling the Street, for a new vibe.

Feeling the Street was a worldwide search for talented street musicians. Voters simply picked their favourite members after viewing their audition videos and the final 40 entrants were listed. Voting opened again and the public were able to choose the group’s final line-up.

The winning individuals formed busking super-group Season 2, and were given a unique opportunity to celebrate their incredible ability – in Australia.

The week-long, all-expenses-paid road trip took our winners through cities, beaches and the countryside, touring Australia’s south-east corner. Staying in amazing locations and eating fantastic food, they even performed live in Sydney! Take a look at their incredible trip and listen to their debut single here.

In addition to the six best buskers, six voters were lucky enough to join them, embarking on the same trip but getting to enjoy the first ever live performance of the new Global Street Band in Sydney.

We’re Feeling the Street at Lancaster Toyota. Are you?