Losing your car keys is one of those bugbears in life, but with Lancaster Toyota, we can get things sorted. If your keys have moved themselves from where you last saw them, follow our advice to get back behind the wheel of your Toyota before you know it.

And don’t worry, as every process will be carried out by the book, with Toyota complying with all of the necessary legal standards when it comes to supplying security products.

Still got your spare?

Your local Lancaster Toyota dealership can take a look at your car and spare key, then get a new one programmed for you. Get in touch with your nearest Centre to book an appointment.

Lost all of your car keys?

Though not as simple as if you have just lost your spare, we can still get you back on the road relatively swiftly. If your car has remote locking or other modern features, it will likely have a code that will need to be reprogrammed, and it’s possible that your Toyota will need a new ECU (Engine Control Unit). If new keys need to be ordered from Lancaster Toyota, this can take a couple of days.

Locked your keys in the car?

Give Toyota Roadside Assistance or your breakdown provider a call and they will come to help.

Keep your keys safe!

Although this won’t help you if you have already lost your keys, it may help to prevent future occurrences – keep your eye on your keys and you won’t lose them again. If you have a ‘safe place’ for your keys, so you always know where they are, then you can’t go wrong. Maybe in your bag, next to your bed, in a bowl or somewhere else, just as long as it’s safe.

Why do car keys cost so much?

Car keys are complex, especially when it comes to keyless entry, remote locking and other fancy features. They can contain a sender, receiver, the key itself and many other parts, as well as the coding that channels communication just to your Toyota.

Reprogramming costs money, as at Lancaster Toyota, we must comply with EU standards, with strict control over codes. Parts ordering takes time, plus recoding keys requires time and labour.