The Toyota i-Road - the toy car for adults

Exploring the Toyota i-Road prototype.

Why drive the Toyota i-Road? Aside from the fact that it’s like a cool toy car for adults, it’s also extremely efficient and, let’s face it, downright fun.

With just three wheels and part solid, part Perspex side panels, the whole car weighs just 300kg and is just a third of the size of a normal car.

Perfect for zipping about town, the i-Road is less than a metre wide, with no room for a front passenger; however, a small child (or some shopping bags) would manage to fit into the back.

Next to the steering wheel are your driving buttons; neutral, drive and reverse, plus a brake pedal and accelerator.

The i-Road is already highly popular in Tokyo due to several factors like the ease of driving down narrow roads as well as parking.

With a top speed of 38mph, you won’t be travelling on any motorways in the i-Road, but for city-driving and shorter commutes, the i-Road could be less expensive than a small electric vehicle.

Akihiro Yanaka, Chief Engineer on the i-Road says, "The project we are running at the moment is to find out who is going to use this car and how it is going to be used. Without feedback we can't decide… It really depends on how this car is to be utilised. In Tokyo, this car does not take much space to park so we don't have to worry about the cost of parking. That is one benefit. This is also an EV so it costs a lot less to run."

Keep your eyes peeled on the Lancaster Toyota website for more i-Road updates!