The Toyota Mirai is the world’s first mass-produced hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, meaning you can enjoy long distance zero emissions driving. Not only this, it has intelligent design, impressive looks, the newest technology and some great features.

The Mirai works in a very clever way, by pumping hydrogen gas through the car to be stored in the fuel tanks. When outside oxygen enters through front air vents, the hydrogen and oxygen collide in the fuel cell stack, creating a chemical reaction which creates electricity. This electricity powers your car and the only residual by-product of this is water, which leaves the car through its tailpipe, meaning you can travel completely emissions free.

The Mirai offers much more than just its environmentally friendly output; it also offers amazing technology like dual multi-info displays, Toyota Touch® 2 with Go+ multimedia and 11 speaker JBL premium radio and telescoping steering wheel with multifunction controls. The blind spot monitoring system with rear cross traffic alert and LED front and rear lights will keep you safe on the roads.

The sleek aerodynamic styling and floating roof make the Mirai the height of cutting-edge design – what more could you ask for from a Toyota?