Toyota has agreed to deploy SmartDeviceLink across its vehicles in an agreement with Ford and Livio, who devised the technology.

SmartDeviceLink is an in-car smartphone infotainment platform, customisable to each car maker’s in-car system interfaces and features.

Other car makers have chosen to adopt systems such as CarPlay and Android Auto into their vehicles, but after testing and research was carried out, Toyota decided SmartDeviceLink would be most compatible with its systems.

SmartDeviceLink will enable users’ greater choice and control over what apps they access on the road.

Don Butler, Ford Executive Director, Connected Vehicle and Services, ‘The true benefit of a common smartphone app communications interface is that it creates an industry standard – enabling great experiences for customers while allowing different companies the freedom to differentiate their individual brands. Ford is making the software available as open-source, because customers throughout the industry benefit if everybody speaks one language.’