UK winner Denisa Rissa, 11, from Luton, has reached the international final of the Toyota Dream Car Children’s Art Contest for 2016. The competition takes place annually, with children from around the world designing and entering their ideal car of the future, which can be as weird and wonderful as their imagination can muster.

The final takes place in Tokyo, Japan - Denisa is taking part as the winner in her age group in the UK round and will collect an award for her inventive design. Hundreds of children in the UK submitted their carefully crafted pictures and paintings, with 850,000 entries in total from around the world.

Denisa’s four-day trip to Japan in August includes a Tokyo sightseeing tour, plus a visit to Toyota’s headquarters in Nagoya, which lies west of Tokyo. Denisa drew a Camouflage Car, inspired by the colour-changing chameleon, designed to help people to inconspicuously study animals in the wild as it blends in with its surroundings.

At Lancaster Toyota, we may not have a Camouflage Car for you to take for a spin, but we do have a great range of new Toyotas for you to discover. Come and see us to explore the range. Maybe one day we’ll have a colour-changing car…

To find out more about the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest, take a look here – if you missed out this year, there will be another chance to enter when the 2017 contest launches in October.